The most authentic side of your character

  • Where do you cover the old house?
  • Near the lake
  • Close to the river
  • In the mountains
  • In the forest
  • When eating western food, you should eat it first:
  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Salad
  • Drink
  • If you want to drink at the festival, which group do you think is the most suitable?
  • Christmas / Champagne
  • New year/ Milk
  • Valentine’s Day / Wine
  • Independence Day / Whisky
  • When do you usually take a shower?
  • After dinner
  • Before dinner
  • After watching TV
  • Before bed
  • In the morning
  • Random
  • If you can become something in the sky, you want to be:
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Stars
  • Cloud
  • Do you think that love written in a red pen is more representative of true love than love written in a green pen?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  • Which color would you choose as the color of your home curtain?
  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. White
  5. Yellow
  6. Orange
  7. Black
  8. Purple
  • Pick a fruit you like.
  • Grape
  • Pear
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Grapefruit
  • Cantaloupe
  • Persimmon
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple

(9) If you are an animal, what color do you want to wear on your body?

(A) Lion / red hair

(B) Cat/ blue hair

(C) Elephant/ green hair

(D) Fox/ yellow

(10) Will you deliberately please your boss or friend for the sake of fame and fortune?

  1. Yes
  2. No

(11) Do you think friends are much more important than family?

  1. Yes
  2. No

(12) If you are a white butterfly, what kind of flower do you stop on?

  1. Red
  2. B. Pink
  3. Yellow
  4. D. Purple

(13) What kind of TV show do you choose to watch when the holiday is boring?

  1. Variety show
  2. News program
  3. TV series
  4. Sports channel
  5. Movie channel

Grading standard

The number after each option represents the score for that option and counts your score based on your choice.

  • A: 8, B: 15, C: 6, D: 10
  • A: 6, B: 15, C: 6, D: 6
  • A: 15, B: 6, C: 1, D: 6
  • A: 10, B: 15, C: 6, D: 8, E: 3, F: 6
  • A: 1, B: 1, C: 8, D: 15
  • A: 1, B: 3
  • A: 15, B: 6, C: 6, D: 8, E: 1, F: 3, G: 1, H: 10
  • A: 1, B: 6, C: 8, D: 15, E: 3, F: 10, G: 8, H: 6, I: 3, J: 10, K: 15
  • A: 15, B: 6, C: 1, D: 6
  • A: 3, B: 1
  • A: 15, B: 6
  • A: 15, B: 8, C: 3, D: 6
  • A: 10, B: 15, C: 6, D : 15, E: 10

Test results:

Over 100 points: Active passion

Your personality is cheerful, you like to help others, and things are simple and neat. Sometimes you will be too excited, but you have a very strong sympathy and you want to be close. Your mobility is super strong and very energetic. You always maintain an optimistic and enterprising attitude.

100-90 points: Leaders

You do things slowly, like to think, like to give orders, hate others questioning you against you, not allowing yourself to lose to others. You like to learn and want to be the best. When you can’t reach your goal, you will be very angry.

89-79 points: Sensual person

Your expression is rich and your imagination is strong. But you often become more sentimental because of cranky thoughts, easy to indulge in romantic sweet words, always expecting and fearing love. Your personality is indecisive, unrealistic, and will only follow the feeling, no logic.

78-60 points: Rational and calm

You always think carefully about things, think carefully, and be cautious. Sometimes I prefer to be pressured by public opinion and not to communicate with friends. You always think that you can succeed. In fact, you are just barely. You hate being tied and like freedom.

59-40 points: Double personality and loneliness

You will be affected by environmental factors and don’t know how to express yourself. In fact, you like to interact with people, but you are extremely shy. You will make a compromise for others. Usually you will be autistic because your wishes are not met.

39 points and below: Reality and selfish

You like to stimulate things that are changeable, it is a very thoughtful person, and the plan is well-planned. You do everything with purpose, and you just use it yourself and like to express yourself. You are so high that you will be unbalanced and conceal yourself and deceive others.