Being a college student is a hard task, but being an ESL student is tougher than that! You need to keep your English skills sharp no matter what. Otherwise, every other essay, coursework, dissertation, book report, term or research paper will be as frustrating as cutting bread with a dull blade. Now, it’s time to put your pen to paper and see what you can do with a little effort. With some quick tips on how to write a college essay of any academic level, you’ll see how solid writing skills open up a completely new world for you. Who knows, maybe they will aspire you to be a professional blogger, novelist or play with words in short stories. Just give them a chance!

#1 Check the Previously Written Samples

The essay writing service like the one offered on is a great source for the best assignment samples for international students. Whether you’re stuck with the college entrance essay or a lab report, the samples provided on or any other cheap custom writing service will enlighten you on how a college assignment of this or that format looks like and make you considerably more powerful when you face the task next time. The services like that will also provide a custom written sample done by skillful writers for a reasonable sum of money, one has only to ask!

#2 Boost Your Vocabulary

The majority of college students write their essays using their surface vocabulary – the word flow that appears in your head with no effort. That’s quite understandable since you have to keep in mind many things at a time. And the vocabulary that you have is the kind of an iceberg with only 20% of it shown above the water, while 80% of it is hidden below. In order to boost your writing, ensure to upgrade your vocabulary by getting under the surface, where you can find better words combinations. Just pick any highlight pen colors for certain vocabulary elements. Let’s say, you can take green for nouns, pink for verbs and other colors for the other items. Now go through the paper and highlight all examples that you find. Then, ask yourself: “Is that word exactly the best I can provide?” Do the words really express what you’d like to say in a particular case? Are they good enough in a certain field or you can do better?

#3 Get a Proofreading Partner

It may help reinforce what you learn during the college course by checking and proofreading the essay written by someone else. If writing an essay in plain English is a real pain for you, ensure to co-work with your English native speaking class mate. Let him see what you’ve written and explore his college works to get the idea of how a professionally researched and meticulously written piece should actually look like.

#4 Keep a Journal

If you think, “I guess it’s too early for me to share my writing with anyone else”, then an online journal is a superb option to turn writing into your daily habit. Many international students tend to keep a journal on the web or a printed one in which they write on all possible topics. This trick will help you practice writing in English and what is more important, it’s something you’ll be excited to re-read in old age.

There’s no particular reason why you can’t start doing the same. Just buy a good looking notebook and write about anything that you, as a writer, have on your mind. You can recall your dreams when you wake up or write about your plans for the upcoming weekend – anything that interests you! It doesn’t matter what your daily story will be about, just work regularly on making a real habit of writing, no matter how hard or awkward it may seem at first.

These are only some basic tips and techniques you could use to boost the quality of your prose before it reaches your tutor’s hands. Without a doubt, it adds some time to the writing process. However, it’s definitely better to invest some extra time NOW than to re-write your essay when the professor doesn’t find it suitable enough.