Visit These 3 Place to See Pablo Neruda’s Chile

Chilean citizens hold Noble-prize winning poet, Pablo Neruda, on a lofty pedestal. And, they hold in such esteem for great reason. His award-winning poetry and his vibrant personality. In Chile, his fame is still larger than life though he passed away in 1973.

Thankfully, the Pablo Neruda Foundation maintains these homes as museums and offers visitors the chance to see where Neruda wrote, loved, and lived. For fans of his writing or tourists to Chile, visiting Neruda’s three homes is an experience you will never forget.

La Chascona

If you choose to take a city tour of Santiago, you will have the opportunity to see La Chascona. Neruda’s home is located in Chile’s capital city. This is the home he named after his wife Matilde and where he lived until his death. Now open as a museum, guests can explore the garden and the home. This home is full of his possessions and has been restored to highlight his eclectic tastes. Strawberry Tours in Santiago offer tourists a visit to this wonderful museum.

La Sebastiana

La Sebastiana is located in Valparaiso, Chile – the city of hills. This unique five-story house offered Neruda peaceful views of the sea while he wrote his poetry. This home also features his eccentric tastes including colorful décor and a full bar. This home was also designed to make one feel as though he was on a ship with a nautical theme throughout the house as well as hidden passageways and low entrances.

Casa de Isla Negra

Finally, fans of Pablo Neruda should also make a visit to Casa de Isla Negra on the Chilean coast. This was Neruda’s largest home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the home being a museum with the most Neruda possessions, this is also where Neruda and his wife, Matilda, are buried.