vHow To Improve Your Essay Writing

Before going to this topic first we need to understand what is an essay, It is an author’s opinion on the particular topics like women empowerment, how to eradicate poverty, Independence day, etc. Write an essay is not a play of children, it requires unique skills in a person. To improve your writing skills on any topic we have listed various techniques by which one can able to write in an efficient manner through which people can influence towards it.

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Techniques to improve your Essay writing:

Give a proper structure:

When you are going to write about any topic you have to understand first that you have to explain things in that way through which people quickly access your message, for that you need to structure your writings. Below we are providing a sample structure for your understanding; you can make use of this link for proper guidance or can learn more about them at

1) Give Introduction of your topic:

The first part of a structure is to provide the introduction of your topic. Your introduction must be brief and around one to two paragraph, and it must be to the point means not use any ambiguous words or sentences in an introduction. The question arises here what we should mention in this field then ask yourself what a viewer or reader wants from you in this part, how you understand the particular topic. Many students are not able to know what they should write in it. They sometimes even give solutions to the particular problem in it. Be aware that you need to write how you understand this topic and write about in words that are present in it.

2) Give the Main Body:

In this part you need to give the details of the topic. These details talk about what the researchers explain in that subject. The details must be factual and based on evidence; you can also mention some source links of the content. Many students have written their views about that assignment. And many students write researchers see about that topic but both ways are wrong, one needs to make a balance between researchers view and its view but many times the students made contrary opinion against researchers’ view that made your topic perplexed for readers. This is the critical point of the structure so always remember that you should be concise and to the point.

3) A Conclusion:

A conclusion is a part in which you have mentioned what you learned from this topic, and you need to make it concise, and this is the right part to ask your questions about the topic. Remember always one thing that the introduction part and the conclusion part never include author’s whole argument, and they must not be too long. The conclusion never has the scope of Essay.

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4) References: If somehow you are not mentioned references at the end of your essay, you should be in danger because it should be seen like it should be copied from somewhere. If you read others documents and mentioned some points from there you need to specify its reference in Reference list otherwise it will seem like you have copied his or her data from his/her document and you should not be able to make a perfect impact on Readers or Viewers.

The misconception about an essay:

There are two misconceptions about an essay writing

1) They should be written in the formal and impersonal way with the use of compound words in it.

2) The other misconception is written as we talk it should be fine for when of letters but not in the case of essay writing.

Extra points you need to keep in mind: When you are going to write an article there are some points you must remember.

    • When you write any topic always remember your reader, what he wants from you and don’t use complex words which reader found difficult to understand, always use simple words when you write about any topic.
    • If it is possible, then always write in points. This makes a good impact on the reader because it is easy to read.
    • Don’t get panic when you are writing about any topic because anxiety stops you to think properly about that particular topic.
    • Use constructive paragraphs that are the another way of influences your viewers.
    • When your essay has completed, then always read it twice and edit it If any error found.
    • Use correct punctuation in it.
    • Your content should be plagiarism free.
  • No grammatical errors must be entertained.