Tips to Improve Memorization Power for Students

A strong memory always depends on vitality and health of one’s brain. Memorization power is very important for a student as it enables all kinds of life-enriching learning from remembering formulas of maths topics like Pythagoras theorem, binomial theorem, etc. to learning new concepts of physics and chemistry. But keeping your memory sharp requires lots and lots of practice. There are several assured techniques which can help students to boost and increase the ability of their memory. Here are some tips that students can follow to improve their memorization power.

  • Make it meaningful

Students must look for meanings or connections in the lessons they are studying. For example, learning a chemical reaction can be boring, but the excitement of getting a colorful end product can add a whole new meaning to the process.

  • Convert lessons into images

Students always remember visual images better than numbers and words. Students should try to convert their lessons into images so that they can recall them easily. For example, suppose a child needs to remember that he has to reach his school by 10:00 am. He can remember it by visualizing a huge clock reading 10:00 am above his school building.

  • Write down notes

One of the best ways to remember and develop memorization power is by writing down notes. Students can write down formulas, chemical reactions, or elements of the periodic table several times which can increase their chances to remember.

  • Rhyming

Rhymes are one of the most effective memorization tricks. Students should learn to convert information into rhymes so that they can remember them for a longer period of time. For example, students can remember the number of days in a month by remembering this easy rhyme.

30 days has September,

April, June, and November.

All the rest have 31,

Except for February which has 28 days

and 29 on a leap-year.”

  • Mnemonics

Using mnemonics involves converting a certain information into an easier form so that one can remember them easily. It is one of the best ways to remember and increase memorization power. For example, children can remember the order of planets in our solar system by remembering the following mnemonics.

Mom Visits Every Monday, Just Stays Until Noon”


  • Get proper sleep

According to researchers during a deep sleep of 8 hours or more, the brain shifts memory from temporary storage to long-term storage. So it is very important that a person gets proper and uninterrupted sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day.

  • Draw diagrams

Visualization is the best way to memorize. When a child draws a diagram it creates a visual image in his brain which helps them to retain it for a longer time. For example, students will remember the mechanism of a human heart better if they draw the functions of the heart in a notebook.

Students can follow these memorization power tips to develop their skills. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various math and science topics.