How to develop fast reading habit?

Think of the other considerable things which you would be able to do if you had unfolded the secret of how to read faster. Speed reading is actually training the brain in a very special way, it improves your comprehensive skills and shortens your total reading skills. Many readers do not believe in the concept of speed reading, they relate speed reading to choice reading that is deliberately reading only the crux of the text and leaving the other parts of the text.

Steps to improve the fast reading habit

Speed Reading is actually a special training of the brain, in which the brain controls the motor reflexes, so that they could not only read but also interpret a text faster than others.

  • Read a group of words rather than a single text: Reading a chunk of words rather than a single word, because just as reading a group of text, saves time, reading a word one by one, is not a time saving habit at all. To train your brain in this practice, start by looking at a group of three to four words once. Focus on words on a given group and pay less attention to fillers such as “a, an, etc”.
  • Use the finger to read: Use your finger to guide you through the text. At first the finger will guide the eyes to reading the set group of words, and with time as the finger increases the pace the eyes also catches up with it. One can also use a pen to pace and train one’s eyes. It is difficult to train oneself with the pace of the eyes, rather than the pace of the eyes.
  • Look for keywords: Scanning for effective keywords in a text. One must know the exact thing one is looking for in a text, like the name of the person, date or the incident. First of all, scan and find the name, word and number you need to find in the list. Then start scanning over the lines and some time later the lines will start popping over in the text after the next few days.
  • Time the clock: First of all, set the click for fifteen minutes and try speed reading at your normal speed. Do not count the words, just remember the paragraphs and the sentences read in the text. Next day set the timer for fifteen minutes and try reading faster than earlier. This will help you develop reading skills