Education Tips

Building a Strong Connection with Your Students

Having a strong connection with your students is vital to create a powerful classroom where students feel empowered and encouraged. You want them to develop into who they are through the year and be part of their growth. Properly building a strong connection is all about knowing and understanding your students as effectively as possible.

Get to Know Each Student Individually

Take the time to understand every student individually. Not every child is the same. Try and find out what their main strengths and weaknesses are. It’s important to be aware of every child’s way of learning because then you can properly work with them if they are falling behind on a certain part of the class. No two kids are the same. Understanding this makes it a lot easier to understand every student.

Parenting Partnership

Make sure you build a connection with the parents as much as you do the students. It makes a big difference to have parents or legal guardians who are kept aware of their child’s successes and current areas of lack in class. Parents can also affect a child’s future in their¬†education, so a good relationship between parent and teacher is vital.

Sharing Is Caring

Journaling and allowing kids to share their experiences in the classroom are a great way to build that sense of camaraderie. Different things that you do that give them a chance to express themselves is wonderful for their courage. There are several teachers who love to have a day where some kids can showcase their favorite toys from home or best gifts they have received. It’s nice getting to know each child and let them share their experiences.

Call on Students Effectively

The worst thing a teacher can do is call on the students who don’t have their hands raised. Don’t be afraid to stop allowing the class to raise their hand when they know the answer and instead just ask and call on any child. Bonus points if you call on students that you do know will have the answer. It will give them a sense of confidence in who they are. Know the strengths of your classroom.

Community-Based Activities

The reason why classrooms love to have students pair up is because it gives the students a chance to be good at teamwork. It pays off to have three or four students working together and assigned a specific role to make sure that every person plays a part in the project. Try to have a classroom toolbox of all the activities they can do

Your classroom can have potential to grow if you know what process to follow. Building a strong connection is all about knowing how to make them feel confident, pushed, inspired, and encouraged in the classroom. You want them to be excited walking in to the class every day and not be in fear. Using the tips above will allow for you to build that connection efficiently and lead the classroom.